PCE’s Call To Action – 10 Things Prosecutors Can Do Now

Issued on June 19, 2020: The killing of George Floyd by police is a tragic and disturbing event that is a call to action for those in the criminal justice system. The protests and outrage are in almost every corner of our nation and worldwide. The injustice and inequality in our society is well known and cannot be ignored. It is clear that we must do better.

Prosecutors’ Center for Excellence (PCE) works with all prosecutors, large and small, to inspire and implement improvements and best practices. Now is the time for every prosecutor to pledge to build trust with their communities and to embrace reforms that make the criminal justice system more fair and just. Though prosecutors cannot single-handedly solve the systemic inequities suffered by people of color in health care, education, housing or employment, there is much they can do.

Click here to view initiatives championed by PCE, along with examples, that prosecutors can implement now.