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PCE Publications
  • September 2018 – Police Body-Worn Cameras: The Prosecutors’ Perspective – PCE. Click here
  • January 2018 – Secure in Our Convictions – ABA Publication. Click here
  • June 2017 – Police Body-Worn Cameras: What Prosecutors Need to Know – PCE Click here
  • December 2016 – Combatting Crime on the Dark Web: How Law Enforcement and Prosecutors are Using Cutting-Edge Technology to Fight Cyber Crime – PCE Click here.
  • May 2016 – Model Police Policy Body Worn Cameras: An Aid for Prosecutors – CDAA and PCE. Click here
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Did You Know?
  • April 2017 – We Need Examples of Cases Hindered By Going Dark – PCE. Click here
  • December 2016 – Video Evidence: A Primer for Prosecutors – PCE. Click here
  • January 2016 – Body-Worn Cameras- Tips for Prosecutors – PCE. Click here
  • January 2016 – New Evidence in Prosecutions – PCE. Click here
  • December 2015 – Going Dark – PCE. Click here
  • October 2014 – New Apple and Android OS Blocks Law Enforcement – PCE. Click here
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  • 2021 – Not an Ocean Away, Only a Moment Away: A Prosecutor’s Primer for Obtaining Remotely Stored Data – Robert J. Peters, Alicia D. Loy, Matthew Osteen, Joseph Remy, Justin Fitzsimmons (Mitchell Hamline Law Review). Read
  • June 2021 – Checklist to Assess Your Agency’s Crime Analysis Capabilities – Kayla Eddy, Training and Technical Assistance Coordinator, Bureau of Justice Assistance National training and Technical Assistance Center. Read
  • 2020 – NDCAC Organizational Flyer – NDCAC. Click here
  • May 2018 – Body-Worn Camera Best Practices – Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association. Click here
  • June 2015 – Use of Body-Worn Cameras By Law Enforcement Considerations, Issues and Concerns – Prosecuting Attorney Steven M. Clem, Washington Association of Prosecuting Attorneys Best Practices Committee. Click here
  • April 2015 – Body-Worn Cameras: Concerns and Considerations – North Carolina Conference of District Attorneys. Click here
  • 2015 – Colorado Body-Worn Cameras: A Report for Law Enforcement – Colorado Best Practices Committee for Prosecutors. Click here

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