Prosecutors From Around The Nation Tackle Criminal Justice Issues In Spokane With Best-Practices Approach

Spokane, Washington, July 13, 2018 – Top-ranking prosecutors from 25 states gathered this week to share best practices and tackle emerging issues facing the administration of justice in our country at the 12th National Best Practices Meeting in Spokane, Washington at the Davenport Grand Hotel.

For years, prosecutors have lead the way in improving the criminal justice system,” said Kristine Hamann, Executive Director of the Prosecutors’ Center for Excellence. “The National Best Practices Meetings, like the one in Spokane this week, are examples of how prosecutors develop and share important innovations in the field of prosecution.” Hamann is a former Visiting Fellow at the Bureau of Justice Assistance/Department of Justice, the former Executive Assistant District Attorney in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and an Adjunct Professor at Georgetown Law School.

Over the last several years, Americans have taken a greater interest in understanding and questioning their local criminal justice system. “In response, modern prosecutors are more focused than ever on helping to educate their communities on the role that prosecutors have played in improving and evolving the criminal justice system,” said Hamann. “Historically, prosecutors have strived to pursue justice in the courtroom, while remaining relatively quiet on broader issues. Today, prosecutors are stepping up in many ways, including exploring best practices to enhance justice. The 12th National Best Practices Meeting brings together prosecutors, so they can share innovations, examine the challenging issues of the day and develop ways to implement best practices.”

The day-and-a-half summit is centered around the critical importance of data to prosecutors across the country. Attendees heard presentations from national speakers on the power of data in fighting crime, promoting fairness, communicating with the public, and in promoting an ethical, effective and accountable office. Those attending the meeting also had the opportunity to brainstorm with their colleagues around the country to share and promote best practices.