Rocket Fuel for Prosecutors!

Prosecutors have a difficult job – made even harder by rapidly evolving technology and law.  It can be overwhelming to stay abreast of developments with a limited budget and staff.  But don’t panic – there is a great tool that will help you with nearly any prosecutorial dilemma that comes your way: Prosecutors’ Encyclopedia or “PE” for short.  And it’s all free!

Join PE:
If you are not a member of PE, it’s easy to join now right here: All you need is a prosecutor’s office email address. (PE is only for prosecutors, so those with only private email addresses cannot create accounts.) Note: to access the links below, a PE subscription is required.

What’s in PE?
We call PE “rocket fuel for prosecutors” because it is a wiki for prosecutors that has case law going back to 1950, an expert databank (including transcripts and videos) for thousands of experts, appellate briefs, current legal issues, technology issues, podcasts and curated information on a wide range of issues. See for example: digital evidence for criminal cases and ethics issues.

The Prosecutors’ Center for Excellence is on PE.
The PCE Policy Library is where you can find current articles on criminal justice policy issues from Community Engagement to Forensics to Implicit Bias to Witness Intimidation. This page includes links to our National Best Practices meetings, which have been held bi-annually since 2014.

Prosecutors’ Best Practices Committees have pages on PE

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