This interactive map highlights a sampling of prosecutor innovations from offices of all sizes that are featured in two PCE reports:

  • The Role of the Modern Prosecutor: Spearheading Innovation (Click here)
  • Conviction Review Today: Guidance for Prosecutors (Click here)

See the reports for more details about the programs summarized in the map.

Many of the initiatives included in the map can be implemented in offices of any size and at little cost. However, some of the programs are impacted by the size and resources of the organization. A large prosecutor office with plentiful resources can implement multiple forward-thinking initiatives that impact a large segment of their population. Conversely, a smaller jurisdiction may only have the capacity to develop a smaller, yet still meaningful initiative.

The sample of programs included in the map is only a small segment of programs in existence. The programs included are used to illustrate the breadth of work being done by prosecutor offices with different jurisdictional challenges and vastly different office sizes.