Colorado DA Uses American Rescue Act Funding to Expand Diversion and Restorative Justice (2023)

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Office of the District Attorney, Eighth Judicial District (Larimer & Jackson County, CO)

Population: 225,000 | Number of Full-Time Prosecutors:42 | Contact Information

The Office of the District Attorney for Colorado’s 8th Judicial District (CDA 8th)  has developed a pre-plea diversion program that has been dramatically expanded so that every incoming misdemeanor is screened by a dedicated team that proactively looks for good candidates who can participate in appropriate services or restorative justice processes.

By screening those accused at their first appearance, this expansion has had an immediate impact.  In less than 2 years they have put 400 people through the program and recidivism has been very low.  After two years, they intend to compile and publish data to demonstrate the effects of the program. Another hallmark of the program is that the office was able to use American Rescue Act funding to support this expansion as part of the Act’s targeting crisis assistance that can be used to promote diversion and behavioral health programs.