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Did You Know?
  • December 2017 – Tennessee Justice and Professionalism Committee – PCE. Click here
  • October 2017 – Michigan Prosecutors’ Justice Initiative Ethics and Best Practices Committee – PCE. Click here
  • September 2017 – Virginia Association of Commonwealth’s Attorneys Committee on Justice and Professionalism Overview – PCE. Click here
  • June 2017 – North Carolina Conference of District Attorneys NCCDA – PCE. Click here
  • April 2017 – Kansas County & District Attorneys Association’s Best Practices Committee Overview – PCE. Click here
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Related Materials
  • July 2021 – Tracking Police Misconduct – How Prosecutors Can Fulfill Their Ethical Obligations and Hold the Police Accountable Guide – Institute for Innovation in Prosecution. Click here
  • March 2021 – The Right Thing – Ethical Guidelines for Prosecutors – District Attorneys Association of the State of New York. Click here
  • May 2019 – Prosecutors Must Maintain Ethical Conduct During Misdemeanor Plea Deals ABA Ethics Opinion Says – American Bar Association. Click here
  • 2017 – Ethics Manual: The Right Thing – Every Time – Virginia Association Of Commonwealth’s Attorneys. Click here
  • June 2016 – Best Practices Recommendation Brady/Giglio Material – Prosecuting Attorneys Association of Michigan. Click here
  • June 2015 – District Attorneys Focus on Emerging Criminal Justice Issues – Office of the Tennessee District Attorney General. Click here

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