The world of prosecution is constantly changing and, in an ongoing effort to seek justice, prosecutors must adapt, learn, and grow. Prosecutors’ Center for Excellence is here to help.

PCE will keep you up to date with the Articles of Interest emails that collect policy articles from all points to view, in-person presentations, national meetings, and PCE Pop-Ups highlighting important emerging topics. PCE will help you to improve your professional skills and to learn innovative ideas from other prosecutors.

Learn with Prosecutors' Center for Excellence

PCE’s training services include virtual and in-person options. Find the training opportunity that’s right for your office below.

Articles of Interest

Policy articles, PCE publications, and PCE announcements are sent three times a week to prosecutors subscribed to PCE’s mailing list. These emails provide the latest information on prosecutor policies and innovations across the country and beyond.

PCE Pop-Ups/National Meetings

Virtual PCE Pop-ups happen every other month and bring together prosecutors from across the country to discuss innovative topics in prosecution. Occasional in-person National Meetings feature current criminal justice topics and provide networking opportunities.

In-Person Presentations

Bring PCE to your jurisdiction with our interactive presentations. Our experts have presented on a variety of topics including ethics, recruitment and retention, gun violence, equity and diversity, encouraging victim and witness cooperation, creating a Best Practices Committee, addressing non-fatal shootings and more.

Issues and Resources

Stay up-to-date with emerging topics for prosecutors using PCE’s Issues and Resources library. In the library, you can find videos, blog posts, and publications developed by PCE and external sources aimed at helping you become a better prosecutor.