Month: January 2016

New Evidence in Prosecutions

January 28, 2016 — Volume 6

Secure In Our Convictions:
Using New Evidence To Strengthen Prosecution 
Prosecutors’ Center for Excellence, January 2016.  Click here.

Benefits and Challenges of New Evidence: With the focus on erroneous convictions of the past, there has been little discussion of the improvements in science and technology that are enabling police and prosecutors to get their cases right in the first instance. Time and again this new evidence is being used in jurisdictions of all sizes to verify the guilt of a suspect or to exonerate an innocent suspect. However, with these benefits come serious challenges. Prosecutors must find the manpower, technical knowledge, and funds to keep pace with the changing technologies and the deluge of digital evidence. Pre-existing budget cuts and diminishing labor pools often compound these hurdles.

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Body Worn Cameras – Tips for Prosecutors

January 14, 2016 — Volume 5

Police departments around the country are purchasing body worn cameras (BWC) at an accelerating pace. Prosecutors should get involved in this process as early as possible. Here is a brief overview of some of the issues prosecutors may consider. Also attached is a selection of model policies, articles and reports that provide more detailed information.

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Police Worn Cameras

Author(s): PCE CDAA

Model Body Worn Camera Policy for Police: An Aid for Prosecutors

Digital evidence includes evidence retrieved from cell phones, computers, surveillance cameras, and social media sites. PCE can provide information on how digital evidence is captured, preserved and authenticated for use in court, as well as information to assist prosecutors with addressing emerging issues, such as police worn cameras.

The model policy is created as a guide to prosecutors who are working with their police departments on the implementation of body worn cameras. The policy includes “Use Notes” that indicate the points where different decisions can be made and the considerations for making those decisions. Also accompanying the model policy is a checklist outlining the many issues that should be addressed in a body worn camera policy.

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New Evidence

Author(s): Hamann Rader Brown


Secure In Our Convictions: Using New Evidence to Strengthen Prosecution

The growing amount of new evidence available to prosecutors is significantly improving investigations and strengthening prosecutions

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