BullyBlocker: Prevention and Intervention Program (2022)

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Mobile County District Attorney’s Office (Mobile, AL)

Population: 414,000 | Number of Full-Time Prosecutors: 28 | Contact Information

The Mobile County District Attorney’s Office (MCDA) has developed a program to combat bullying in local schools.  BullyBlocker allows anyone to anonymously report bullying through text messaging which is distributed to trained staff for timely assistance.

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Public Police Conduct Disclosure Website (2022)

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Arizona Prosecuting Attorney’s Advisory Council (Phoenix, AZ)

Population: 7,174,000 | Number of Members: 858 | Contact Information

The Arizona Prosecuting Attorneys’ Advisory Council (APAAC) has developed a public, internet accessible database (often referred to as a Brady list) that contains names of law enforcement officers for whom there are materials which must be provided in discovery in order to comply with Brady v. Maryland and its progeny. 

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Helping Jurors Address Post Trial Trauma (2021)

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Office of the Platte County Prosecutor, Platte County MO

Population: 102,848 | Number of Full-Time Prosecutors: 13

The Platte County Prosecutor’s Office provides information connecting jurors with free mental health services after deliberating in difficult cases. In partnership with a local mental health provider, Platte County prosecutors developed a card that is handed out to jurors at the conclusion of a trial.

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The Empathetic Prosecutor: Reducing Bias When Working With Victims, Survivors, and Witnesses

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Authors: PCE, New York County District Attorney’s Office, San Diego District Attorney’s Office, and Queens District Attorney’s Office

-What does bias look like?
-How can prosecutors reduce bias when working with their witnesses?
-How do you remove bias from your work?

Read our latest report to find ways that you can reduce bias and become a more empathetic prosecutor for victims, survivors, and witnesses. 

Procedural Justice Training for Prosecutors (2021)

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Pennsylvania District Attorney’s Association (Harrisburg, PA)

State Population: 13,002,700 | Contact Information

In partnership with the Villanova law school, the Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association launched a four-part virtual briefing series on procedural justice in March of 2021. Presentations were built upon the four pillars of procedural justice – fairness in the process, transparency in actions, opportunities for a voice, and impartiality in decision making.

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