Prosecutors’ Center for Excellence Launches at NDAA Summer Conference

Non-Partisan, National Think Tank Will Provide Prosecutors With Expertise, Research and Support for States’ Best Practices Committees

CHICAGO – July 19, 2015 – Kristine Hamann, visiting fellow at the Bureau of Justice Assistance/Department of Justice and former executive assistant district attorney at the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, today announced the launch of the Prosecutors’ Center for Excellence (PCE).

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Shaken Baby Syndrome

May 28, 2015 – Volume 3

Shaken Baby Syndrome and the broader category of Abusive Head Trauma is a well-accepted and evidence-based diagnosis. Physicians who regularly work with pediatric patients and who are on the front lines diagnosing the cause of injuries to children, as well as respected and established medical associations, confirm that violent whiplash shaking of a young child’s head can cause serious and even fatal brain injury. In spite of recent media coverage and claims from some physicians, there have been no new scientific advancements that have undercut the viability of either diagnosis. Needless to say, any shaken baby/abusive head trauma prosecution should be accompanied by evidence that the accused party was the cause of the injury.

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New Apple and Android OS Blocks Law Enforcement

October 25, 2014 – Volume 2

In September 2014, Apple issued an update to its operating system for iPhones and iPads, known as iOS 8. In the coming weeks, Google is also expected to unveil an updated operating system -­ known as Android “L” -­ for most Android cellphones and tablets. Both new software packages will significantly curtail law enforcement’s ability to look for data on smartphones and tablet devices, even with properly obtained search warrants or other judicial process. The following are some points for law enforcement to consider:

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