Award Winning Domestic Violence Response Team is Improving Outcomes (2022)

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Boulder County District Attorney’s Office, 20th Judicial District (Boulder, CO)

Population: 330,000 | Number of Full-Time Prosecutors: 40 | Contact Information

The Boulder County District Attorney’s Office  (BCDA) has an Acute Response Team for Domestic Violence Incidents (DV ART) that employs a lethality assessment for every case within 24 hours.  Cases with high risks for lethality are flagged for personal contact with 48 hours of an event in order to build trust with victims, provide immediate resources and gather important historical information and evidence.

This protocol was developed in house by experienced domestic violence prosecutors in conjunction with community service providers and law enforcement.  Due to the success of the program, it has become a model throughout the state and was recently recognized by the National Association of Counties.  Please contact the BCDA if you would like additional information to assist in developing a similar program or would like access to their lethality assessment tool at [email protected].