Coordinated Community Response Task Force to Address Witness Intimidation (2019)

Office of the Prosecuting Attorney (Hawaii County, HI)

Population: 201,513 | Number of Full-Time Prosecutors: 34 | Contact Information

In order to address the growing problem of witness intimidation and a lack of repeat offender management, the Hawaii County Office of the Prosecuting Attorney (OPA) used grant funding from Innovative Prosecution Solutions to create a Coordinated Community Response Task Force (CCR) comprised of criminal justice organizations and intensified support service providers.

This group is responsible for developing threat assessments to determine the danger of an offender and to aid victims. They plan to offer both groups appropriate wraparound services. To enhance the effectiveness of its new Repeat Violent Offender Management Program, OPA and law enforcement partners have criteria for selecting participants and utilize need assessment tools to connect offenders and victims with necessary services. This information also helps the team proactively monitor those most in need of intervention.