Courthouse Facility Dogs

Prosecutor offices across the country are enlisting the help of trained courthouse facility dogs to provide comfort and support to vulnerable witnesses and victims throughout various stages of the criminal justice process. These dogs undergo at least a two-year training period and are specifically bred to detect a person’s stress level.

By establishing a safe and stable environment, the dogs can help the victim/witness to better recall and articulate critical and truthful information. During court proceedings, the dog sits quietly next to a victim/witness for long periods of time and does not interrupt the flow of testimony or disturb the proceedings. Read: Facility Dogs – A Witness’s Best Friend

Below is a small sampling of offices using a courthouse facility dog:

  • Denton County District Attorney’s Office, TX, Click here 
  • Ada County (Boise) District Attorney’s Office, ID, Click here
  • Alabama Office of Prosecution Services, Click here
  • East Baton Rouge District Attorney’s Office, LA,  Click here
  • Summit County Prosecutor’s Office, OH, Click here for Facebook | Click here for Instagram
  • Hennepin County Attorney’s Office, MN (Pictured left: Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman with courthouse facility dog, Barrett)