Creation of Domestic Violence Unit Addresses Growing Problem (2020)

Office of the Licking County Prosecuting Attorney (Newark, OH)

Population: 175,409 | Contact Information 

The Office of the Licking County Prosecuting Attorney (LCPA) is creating a Domestic Violence Unit (DVU) that will focus on vertical prosecution to hold offenders accountable and ensure community safety.

Over the last three years, the number of domestic violence cases in Licking County has doubled—and the number of homicides connected to domestic violence issues has nearly tripled.

The DVU will be staffed by two experienced prosecutors, a senior prosecutor, a victim advocate, and a paralegal. The DVU is tasked with improving LCPA’s processes and procedures in responding to domestic violence cases using new technology, such as TrialPad and Matterport. The IPS team is gathering victim surveys to improve victim services. DVU will also provide training and resources regarding best practices for investigating and prosecuting domestic violence crimes