Crime Strategies Unit focuses on localized crime (2020)

Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office (Kansas City, MO)

Population: 700,310| Number of Full-Time Prosecutors: 65 |Contact Information

The Jackson County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office (JCPAO) is using Innovative Prosecution Solutions (IPS) grant funding to build a Crime Strategies Unit (CSU), which will collect, organize and disseminate critical crime data to police, prosecutors, City Hall, and the community using their Prosecutor by Karpel (PBK) case management system.

The CSU will consist of two prosecutors and two crime analysts, who will analyze crime data, identify key drivers of crime, and prioritize the investigations and prosecutions of those individuals, using PBK report tools. Offenses that occur in crime hotspots will be prosecuted vertically by geographically based prosecutors. The site is also investing in technology, including Thompson Reuter’s CLEAR, Photoshop, Leads Online, and Snagit.

As part of the project, JCPAO will contract with the Center for Conflict Resolution for its work in the Blue Hills neighborhood to help foster trust and legitimacy with through outreach and diversion partnerships