Digital Evidence Task Force to Identify and Prosecute Gang Offenses (2019)

Denver District Attorney’s Office (Denver, CO)

Population: 716,490 | Number of Full-Time Prosecutors: 94 | Contact Information

In response to unsolved gang related crime, the Denver District Attorney’s Office is utilizing an Innovative Prosecution Solutions grant to fund a Digital Evidence Task Force (DETF).  The DETF uses cutting-edge technology to extract cell phone data on-scene for immediate use in ongoing investigations.

High-capacity workstations also help DETF locate, capture, and preserve that evidence so it can be used in future prosecutions. DETF has also engaged a private partner, VTO Labs, for assistance in digital forensics, data recovery, and hardware exploitation. DETF serves as a hub for intelligence and resource-sharing, serving to enhance communication between local law enforcement agencies. Timely access to cell phone data and digital evidence has resulted in the discovery of relevant associations, phone numbers, locations, and other information helping Denver solve and prosecute crimes committed by gang members.