The Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office (New Orleans, LA)

Population: 390,845| Number of Full-Time Prosecutors: 57 | Contact Information

With an IPS grant, the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office (OPDA) is investing in specialized staff, data integration technology, and digitizing its case database by partnering with Prosecutor by Karpel (PBK). OPDA is harnessing the tools within PBK to create a repository of criminal intelligence that will demonstrate possible relations between offenders, witnesses, and crimes.

While local law enforcement has been able to implement modern technology to target violent crime more effectively, the OPDA was using an outdated case management system that did not provide sufficient data for targeted enforcement.  Using PBK, a new data analyst will implement geo-map violent crimes and persons of interest. OPDA is also partnering with AH Datalytics to identify and correct gaps in efficiency between the new and old systems. 

A new lead Assistant District Attorney will act as liaison with external law enforcement agencies site to train current prosecutors and other personnel on applicable services available through PBK, such as witness location. OPDA is also using PBK’s report-generating capabilities to track all aspects of prosecution and project implementation.