Diversion and Wraparound Services for Victims of Human Trafficking (2017)

Davidson County District Attorney’s Office (Nashville, TN)

Population: 715,884 | Number of Full-Time Prosecutors: 75 | Contact Information

The Davidson County District Attorney’s Office (DCDA) expanded their identification of human trafficking victims/survivors to increase access to services and improve prosecution of traffickers. DCDA received funding from Innovative Prosecution Solutions (IPS) to improve a validated Trafficking Victim Identification Tool and partner with the county probation department to expand screening of potential victims.

When individuals are identified as victims of trafficking, the Cherished HEARTS court intervention program connects participants with a dedicated multidisciplinary team. Trafficking victims are offered a wide variety of trauma-informed, wraparound services, including substance abuse treatment, mental and physical health treatment, case management, housing, job placement, and safety planning. Through participation in the program, trafficking victims may avoid incarceration through access to services designed to help them gain sobriety, autonomy, and stability.