Effective Remote Work Strategies (2023)

Video Edition Updated

Yavapai County Attorney’s Office (Prescott, AZ)

Population: 242,253 | Number of Full-Time Prosecutors: 41 | Contact Information

The Yavapai County Attorney’s Office (YCAO) has developed robust work from home policies for all of their attorneys and staff. This has enabled them to supervise remote work and maintain accountability, while affording employees more flexible work environment options. The program was devised in response to the Covid -19 pandemic but has become a popular benefit and effective recruitment tool. 

YCAO developed work from home contracts clearly defining expectations for all employees who chose remote work.  To address a loss of opportunities for mentorship and collaboration, YCAO created community rooms and conducted regular in person meetings.   YCAO offices now have  “hot desks” that employees can use for days when they need to report to the office or have court hearings.  Finally, the YCAO case management system, Prosecutor by Karpel, enabled remote supervision through use of digital case files and reporting tools that maintained accountability for completion of work.  YCAO reports that added flexibility has allowed recruitment of experienced attorneys who live in other parts of the state and has helped the office retain talent.