Enhancing Prosecution Office Culture through Surveys (2022)

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Summit County Prosecutor’s Office (Akron, OH)

Population: 537,600 | Number of Full-Time Prosecutors: 60 | Contact Information

The Summit County Prosecutor’s Office (SCPO) has improved office culture using a variety of anonymous and attributed surveys that contribute to better interpersonal relationships, morale, and productivity.  Through anonymous and attributed surveys, recognition programs, and meaningful team building activities, the office culture at SCPO promotes wellness, recruitment, and retention.

SCPO uses these surveys to address significant work-place issues and build camaraderie.  By soliciting and encouraging employee feedback, the administration has become better informed about wants and needs.  In turn, employees feel like they have a voice and that the processes implemented are fair and transparent.  The opportunity for anonymous communication allows those who may not contribute in a more public setting to have an equal seat at the table.  These tools are also used for teambuilding through employee recognition surveys, where people nominate their peers for recognition at regular intervals.  Other public surveys ask willing employees to share fun personal information, like a favorite restaurant, encouraging dialog and generating a sense of community.  These strategies have markedly improved morale among staff which helps fight attrition and encourages interest in working for the office