GVI Prosecutor Tackles Violent Crime Through Diversion and Targeted Prosecution (2019)

York County District Attorney’s Office (York, PA)

Population: 449,058 | Number of Full-Time Prosecutors: 35 | Contact Information

In 2016, the York City Police Department initiated a Group Violence Intervention (GVI) program in conjunction with the York County District Attorney’s Office and other partners to tackle the high violent crime rate in York city.

Through Innovative Prosecution Solutions funding, the DA’s Office hired a specialized GVI prosecutor who assesses designated offenders for diversion or traditional prosecution. If an offender is eligible for pre-charge diversion, the County’s Human Services Family Engagement Unit works closely with that offender to pursue alternatives to prosecution, including participation in Family Group Decision Making meetings. Unsuitable offenders are assessed by the GVI prosecutor and an in-house Special Assistant U.S. Attorney to determine whether community safety is best protected by state or federal prosecution.