Innovations in Internships (2022)

Video Edition Updated

Clark County District Attorney’s Office (Las Vegas, NV)

Population: 2,292,000 | Number of Full-Time Prosecutors: 177 | Contact Information

The Clark County District Attorney’s Office (CCDA) has enhanced recruiting using a variety of tools to expose local students to prosecution work and engage interns in meaningful mentorships with experienced attorneys. To do this, CCDA has a designated attorney that recruits new lawyers to the office.  CCDA has a special recruiting email address, which is monitored by the recruiting attorney who personally responds to messages.  The recruiting attorney and other experienced prosecutors visit local schools, coach and judge mock trial teams, and work as adjuncts in local law schools in order to connect students to the work, who may not otherwise have exposure to prosecution work. 

Once in the office, interns are connected to attorney mentors, encouraged to have relationships with staff, and engaged in meaningful work.  The office has also addressed key concerns of new attorneys within their office culture such as life/work balance, mentorship, and career advancement.  Collectively these have resulted in a robust legal intern program that feeds a steady stream of new lawyers into the office.