Kansas County & District Attorneys Association’s Best Practices Committee Overview

The Committee: The KCDAA’s Best Practices Committee has 20 members, both elected district attorneys and assistant prosecutors representing small, medium and large jurisdictions from different parts of the state. The committee meets in person at least four times per year and corresponds over email or by conference calls in the intervening months. For an overview of the committee, click here.

  • The Public Relations subcommittee is finding effective ways to be proactive and get the word out about the good work of prosecutors and law enforcement.
  • The Brady/Giglio subcommittee focuses on educating prosecutors on the law and also how to handle notification obligations when an officer appears on a “Giglio list.”
  • The Prosecutors Desk Book Workgroup is creating a prosecutor’s manual to include topics from drafting complaints to search warrants.
  • The Mental Health Reform subcommittee is studying how the state should handle mentally ill offenders generally, but will also examine what programs and resources are available in a state with severe fiscal limitations.
  • The Asset Forfeiture subcommittee is working with law enforcement on model policies for both prosecutors and law enforcement.
  • The Search Warrants Law and Forms subcommittee is creating a handbook on what a Kansas prosecutor needs to know about search warrants.

To view Kansas Best Practices Committee accomplishments, click here

“The Kansas Best Practices Committee works to assist prosecutors adopt and implement the most effective, ethical policies and practices designed to achieve just results for all involved in the criminal justice system. Our work includes resource development, education, research, public outreach activities, and model policy development.”

— Committee Chair, Ann Swegle

Contact Information: Ann Swegle, Deputy District Attorney, Sedgwick County District Attorney’s Office, ann.swegle@sedgwick.gov.