Multi-Disciplinary Team Improves Targeted Drug Trafficking Prosecutions and Public Education (2018)

Easton Baton Rouge Office of the District Attorney (Baton Rouge, LA)

Population: 440,059 | Number of Full-Time Prosecutors: 54 | Contact Information

The East Baton Rouge District Attorney’s Office (EBRDA) aims to disrupt the market for opioids by targeting high-profile drug dealers. With Innovative Prosecution Solutions (IPS) funding, a multi-disciplinary team consisting of representatives from EBRDA, the Baton Rouge Police Department, the Drug Enforcement Agency, the Louisiana National Guard, and others collect and analyze a robust dataset pertaining to opioid prescriptions, overdoses, Narcan distributions, opioid-related arrests, and other relevant data.

That data is combined with social network analysis and drug market mapping to produce detailed intelligence on drug distribution networks and opioid hotspots. This intelligence then informs targeted enforcement of opioid-related crime. The IPS funded team is also developing a community awareness campaign to educate the public about the dangers of opioids and the existence of Good Samaritan laws, designed to encourage public intervention in opioid-related overdoses.