Multidisciplinary Team Investigates Overdoses to Target Drivers of Opioid Related Crime (2018)

Office of the Worcester County District Attorney (Middle District Attorney) (Worcester, MA)

Population: 830,000 | Number of Full-Time Prosecutors: 88 | Contact Information

The Middle District Attorney’s Office has established the Worcester County Overdose Death Response Initiative funded by an Innovative Prosecution Solutions (IPS) grant, modeled after a similar initiative in Richmond County, New York, to investigate all fatal opioid overdoses as potential homicides. Researchers at Fitchburg State University are conducting data analysis, which will help the team develop geographic investigation and prosecution strategies.

Law enforcement aims to use this intelligence to target areas and offenders driving opioid crime. The IPS funded team is also engaging in monthly fatality reviews and partnering with the Central Massachusetts Opioid Task Force to provide outreach and recovery services to the community.