Non-Fatal Shooting Team to Increase Successful Prosecutions (2017)

Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office (Detroit, MI)

Population: 1,793,561 | Number of Full-Time Prosecutors: 180 | Contact Information

In order to reduce violence, The Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office has established a dedicated team to respond to all non-fatal shootings (NFS) in one of its high need precincts. A vertically assigned team from the prosecutor’s office is responsible for the case from the initial incident through final judicial resolution.

This enables them to serve witnesses with subpoenas on-scene and utilizes a one-person grand jury, composed of a circuit judge who has broad powers to investigate criminal activity. This statutorily created one-person grand jury process negates the need for an investigative subpoena, complaint, warrant, and preliminary examination. Through this streamlined process, the Innovative Prosecution Solutions funded team aims to speed up investigations and initial court proceedings to reduce opportunities for offenders and their allies to intimidate victims and witnesses.