PCE Videos: Pop-Up on Diversion Programs

On February 4, 2021, PCE hosted a Pop-Up discussion on prosecutor diversion programs; here are the presentations and materials:

  • Planning for Diversion – Survey of Resources (New York County, NY), Watch Video (Duration 14:36)
    • Presenter: Nicole Ortsman-Dauer (Deputy Chief of the Trial Division)
    • View PowerPoint
  • Felony Pre-Trial Intervention Program (Maricopa County, AZ), Watch Video (Duration 15:33)
    • Presenters: Jason Kalish (Chief of the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office Trial Division) and Patricia Cordova (Director of the Diversion Strategies Group)
    • View PowerPoint
  • Diversion in a Small Office (Pennington County, SD), Watch Video (Duration 14:33)
    • Presenter: Mark Vargo (State’s Attorney) and Erik Brings White (Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Institute of Indigenous American Legacy)
  • Justice Restoration Project (Alameda County, CA), Watch Video (Duration 14:50)
    • Presenter: Eric von Geldern (Assistant District Attorney)

Diversion Programs Pop-Up Booklet with Presenter Bios and Agenda Click Here

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