PCE Videos: Recruitment and Retention for Prosecutors Part I

On May 12, 2022 PCE’s Pop-Up included conversations with senior prosecutors, new prosecutors and law school administrators on new interview ideas, building a supportive office culture and improving relationships with law schools.

Segment 1 Video:  Recruiting and Retaining Talent in a New Era of Accountability and Remote Work 

General Principles:  Executive Director Kimberly Overton Spahos of North Carolina Conference of District Attorneys

(Duration 00:14:33)

Segment 2 Video: Promoting Your Office Culture as a Driver for Recruitment and Retention 

Office Morale:  Summit County Prosecutor (Ohio) Sherri Bevan Walsh

Duration (00:08:07)

Segment 3 Video: Leveraging Law School Partnerships and Harnessing the Power of Impact Driven Work for New Prosecutors 

Law School Perspective:  Assistant Director of the Projects and Employer Development at California Western School of Law Noelle Dorman

(Duration 00:06:50)

Thoughts from Line Prosecutors: 

San Diego County Deputy District Attorney (California) Malak Behrouznami

Duration (00:07:35)