PCE Videos: Recruitment and Retention for Prosecutors

On May 12, 2022 PCE’s Pop-Up included conversations with senior prosecutors, new prosecutors and law school administrators on new interview ideas, building a supportive office culture and improving relationships with law schools.


  • (Duration 01:56:11)

Segment 1 Video:  Recruiting and Retaining Talent in a New Era of Accountability and Remote Work 

(Duration 00:37:17)

General Principles:  Executive Director Kimberly Overton Spahos of North Carolina Conference of District Attorneys

Work from Home Policy:  Yavapai County Attorney (Arizona) Sheila Polk

Segment 2 Video: Promoting Your Office Culture as a Driver for Recruitment and Retention 

(Duration 00:30:29)

Office Morale:  Summit County Prosecutor (Ohio) Sherri Bevan Walsh

Outreach Programs for New Law Students:  Assistant Chief of the Juvenile Division (San Diego County, California) Shawnalyse Ochoa 

Segment 3 Video: Leveraging Law School Partnerships and Harnessing the Power of Impact Driven Work for New Prosecutors 

(Duration 00:37:17)

Law School Perspective:  Assistant Director of the Projects and Employer Development at California Western School of Law Noelle Dorman

Law School Perspective:  Administrative Officer at the Onondaga County District Attorney’s Office  and Law Special Advisor at the Office of Career Services at Syracuse University College (New York) Barry Weiss

Thoughts from Line Prosecutors: 

  • San Diego County Deputy District Attorney (California) Malak Behrouznami

North County Branch Deputy District Attorney in the Family Protection Division (San Diego County District Attorney’s Office, California) Stephanie De Jesus

Onondaga County Assistant District Attorney (New York) Alphonse Williams