Precision Prosecution to Reduce Violence (2019)

Office of the Bronx District Attorney (Bronx, NY)

Population: 1,400,000 | Number of Full-Time Prosecutors: 449 | Contact Information

The Bronx District Attorney’s Office is utilizing Innovative Prosecution Solutions (IPS) grant funds and resources to implement evidence-based strategies that help reduce the jurisdiction’s high violent crime rates. The IPS Crime Strategies Bureau (CSB) is the project’s hub for analysis and uses both crime data and social media research to identify high need areas impacted by violence where prevention, engagement, intervention, and mitigation measures should be implemented. 

The Bronx team and its research partner, Justice & Security Strategies, Inc., have also paired crime prevention coordinators with CSB analysts and attorneys, New York Police Department neighborhood coordination officers, and field intelligence officers to identify the most violent individuals and their associates for precision prosecution. This data mining and sharing better defines violence impacted areas and helps law enforcement and prosecutors focus resources on individuals with the highest need for intervention using tailored investigation and prosecution strategies. These include traditional prosecution, restorative justice interventions, and other appropriate alternatives to incarceration.