Prosecutor and Ceasefire Coordinator to Prevent and Prosecute Gun Crime (2019)

Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office (Brockton, MA)

Population: 515,142 | Number of Full-Time Prosecutors: 59 | Contact Information

The Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office (PCDA) has reinstituted its Safe Streets Initiative after an increase in violent crime and firearm use. A coordinated effort to reduce gun violence through trauma-focused prevention, enforcement, and re-entry has led to significant reductions in firearm-related violence.

Through Innovation Prosecution Solutions, PCDA is building upon that initiative by assigning a prosecutor to oversee probation violation hearings and planning to expand its current Ceasefire Model to identify youth at risk of becoming high-priority firearms offenders. A Ceasefire Coordinator supports collaboration with law enforcement agencies and analyzes offender data. PCDA is also enhancing the current Safe Streets community coalition and educating Brockton residents on its efforts to deter gun violence, as well as the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) on juvenile crime in order to secure community cooperation for its efforts to combat firearm related violence.