Sharing data to focus on drivers of gun violence (2020)

The Rhode Island Attorney General’s Office (Providence, RI)

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The Rhode Island Attorney General’s Office (RIAG) is creating a statewide, prosecutor-led data initiative to refocus law enforcement resources on individuals and groups driving gun violence across jurisdictions.

Law enforcement agencies expend significant resources investigating violent crime and gathering large amounts of data, but much of this data is not analyzed or coordinated at a centralized level. This makes it difficult to quickly link incidents, weapons, and suspects across multiple jurisdictions. To combat this, the RIAG will gather data and promote information-sharing between partner law enforcement agencies, utilizing a data analysis platform and analyst to identify crime trends and actionable intelligence through informative maps and data reports. This intelligence will drive investigations and prosecutions.

The RIAG will also deploy a violent offender alert system to assist with active investigations into individual drivers of violent crime. Finally, the RIAG will tap into and expand the role of its community outreach unit to coordinate with leaders in neighborhoods that are disproportionately affected by violent crime