Vertical Unit to Prevent and Prosecute Crimes of Violence (2016)

Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office (Kansas City, MO)

Population: 700,310 | Number of Full-Time Prosecutors: 65 | Contact Information

To address the proliferation of violent crime and gun use, the Jackson County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office (JCPAO) adopted a vertical prosecution protocol for crimes of violence. Instead of assigning isolated functions, prosecutors were given a case from referral to final disposition. JCPAO used Innovative Prosecution Solutions to fund regional, vertical prosecution for violent offenses occurring in areas most impacted by violence.

JCPAO also undertook substantive crime reduction strategies and community outreach, including enhanced victim assistance, and support for community organizations in areas most affected by violent crime. JCPAO also partnered with the Center for Conflict Resolution, which trained a Neighborhood Accountability Board to resolve a limited number of felony cases using restorative justice practices.