Has your office been using the same systems for decades? Are inefficiencies in the office slowing you down? Do you want to make sure that your office is dispensing justice fairly and equally? Do you just want to see what is and isn’t working in your office?

Bring Prosecutors’ Center for Excellence’s team of experts into your office for an assessment. This is an ideal way to get an outside perspective from experienced prosecutors on these questions and more. Some federal funding is available.

Prosecutors in Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee have benefited from full-office assessments.

Areas of Expertise

Assessments have explored opportunities for community outreach, efficiencies, data collection, innovative prosecution methods, and more.

The Process

PCE’s confidential office assessments start with an evaluation of current procedures and conclude with recommendations for improvements, including assistance in implementing the recommendations.

The Process by PCE Experts:
  • Interviews with members of your office, from entry-level prosecutors to support staff to elected and appointed officials.
  • A review of office procedures, rules, and processes.
  • A concluding report with specific suggestions based on best practices for improving your office, often in the form of a written report.
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