Dedicated prosecutor for firearms cases (2020)

Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office (Brockton, MA)

Population: 4,500,00 | Number of Full-time Prosecutors: 260 | Contact Information

With Innovative Prosecution Solutions (IPS) grant funding, the Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office (PCDA) is hiring a new District Court prosecutor to vertically prosecute all firearms-related cases and an administrative assistant to enhance the prosecution of firearm offenders. 

Prosecution of firearms-related cases in Plymouth County have been seriously impacted by COVID-19 and the need for remote capable technology is required to eliminate the backlog. A new prosecutor and administrative assistant will be provided with new technology, enabling them to work outside normal office hours and locations.

Further, the PCDA is using its existing Safe Streets coalition to inform the community of these new efforts, increasing credibility and transparency by holding firearms offenders accountable