Ramsey County Non-Public-Safety Traffic Stops

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Ramsey County Attorney’s Office, St. Paul MN

Population: 550,210 | Number of Full-Time Prosecutors: 101 | Contact

Learn how Ramsey County greatly reduced low-level equipment traffic stops, and related racial disparities, through a collaborative change process, from the point of view of local law enforcement leaders and community members.

Provided by the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office

Indiana Prosecutor Implements Youth Programming Committee and Cyber Safety

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Marion County Prosecutor’s Office, Indianapolis, IN

Population: 954,670 | Number of Full-Time Prosecutors: 160 | Contact Information

Ryan Mears of the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office discusses the office’s Youth Programming Committee and Cyber Safety.

This video is part of a series called Keeping Kids Safe. The full series can be accessed here.

New Jersey Partnership Provides Safe Places to Combat Hate and Bias Crimes (2023)

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Union County Prosecutor’s Office (Elizabeth, NJ)

Population: 600,000 | Number of Full-Time Prosecutors:65 | Contact Information

The Safe Place Initiative, a program that began in Seattle, is now making Union County, New Jersey a safer place. The Union County Prosecutor’s Office, in partnership with local law enforcement agencies, organizations, and businesses, established the program in an effort to combat bias and hate crimes.

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