Modernizing Case System to Reduce Case Processing Times (2020)

Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office (Bridgeton, NJ)

Population: 335,562 | Contact Information

To decrease case processing times and efficiently dispatch discovery, the Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office (NJ) (CCPO) Juvenile/Domestic Violence Unit is replacing its outdated manual case system with Infoshare, an updated information technology that includes Juvenile eScreening, an eDiscovery Portal for the juvenile module, bates stamping, and redaction tools.

The average case processing time for juvenile and domestic violence cases at the CCPO has increased beyond the recommended 60 days. To address delays, the IPS team is using Infoshare technology to immediately upload and access police documents. The technology should help expedite the eDiscovery process and  decrease time delays in obtaining and providing documents to various stakeholders. By modernizing and expediting its processes, CCPO also aims to minimize the traumatic impact of the justice system on justice-involved youth and ensure swift resolution of domestic violence cases.