New Data Collection Practices to Prevent and Prosecute Sexual Violence Cases (2019)

Cobb County District Attorney’s Office (Marietta, GA)

Population: 766,149 | Number of Full-Time Prosecutors: 50 | Contact Information

Using Innovative Prosecution Solutions (IPS) funding, the Cobb County District Attorney’s Office (CCDA), Cobb County Police Department, LiveSafe community organization, and researchers at Kennesaw State University, worked to analyze and improve Cobb County’s response to sexual violence crimes.

The IPS funded team made changes to its multi-disciplinary case database, initially developed through Cobb County’s Sexual Assault Justice Initiative grant, to improve data collection and analysis of sexual violence case processing and outcomes. The team also examined factors that contribute to the non-reporting, delay, or non-prosecution of sexual violence cases. Based on findings, CCDA developed, implemented, evaluated, and refined protocols for more successful prosecution of sexual violence cases.