PCE Policy Library

The PCE Policy Library is a collection of news articles, reports, research papers, law review articles, and other documents on topic areas of interest to prosecutors. These topics address criminal justice issues— such as reform initiatives, drugs, emerging technology and policing practices—but also include information on prosecutor ethics, accomplishments, and community programs. For those of you who receive the PCE Articles of Interest series, the Library serves as a repository of those articles.

Prosecutors’ Encyclopedia:  The PCE Policy Library resides in Prosecutors’ Encyclopedia (PE).  For those with a PE account, the library can be accessed here. Practicing prosecutors can apply for a PE account at PE-Help@nypti.org.

Emerging Issues:  The Library is updated regularly which allows prosecutors to both stay apprised of emerging criminal justice issues and revisit older articles and studies. One example of a category within the Library that deals with an emerging issue is the Marijuana Prosecutions and Convictions section. It contains articles about prosecutor decisions to expunge old marijuana convictions or no longer prosecute low level marijuana offenses in states where recreational marijuana is both legal and illegal.

Click here to view articles in this section of the Library.

Featured Office and Innovative Programs:  We recognize that prosecutor’s offices are doing innovative and important work for their communities, and we highlight those accomplishments and programs in the Library as a way to share successes, and to increase awareness of programs that others may wish to implement.  We recently began a Featured Office section of the Library’s homepage that highlights accomplishments and/or community programs of at least one prosecutor’s office per month. Click here for more information. If your office has innovative programs and would like to be featured in the PCE Policy Library, please contact us at khamann@pceinc.org.

Best Practices Committees:  Finally, the Library also supports the work of national and state prosecutor best practices committees and houses resources from their various meetings. See, for example, New York Best Practices Committee meeting page.

The PCE Policy Library was formerly called the National Resource Center for Prosecutors (NRCFP).