Tennessee Justice and Professionalism Committee

In September 2013, the Tennessee District Attorney Generals unanimously voted to establish the Tennessee Justice and Professionalism Committee (TJPC) as a standing committee of the Tennessee District Attorneys General Conference (TNDAGC) to pursue best practices for prosecutors.  TJPC’s goal is to take the lead in improving Tennessee’s criminal justice system by keeping abreast of emerging issues and partnering with state and national criminal justice partners.

The TJPC has nine members, elected District Attorneys General and Assistant District Attorneys General, representing geographically and demographically diverse regions of Tennessee.  The full TJPC meets regularly and working groups, which are subcommittees dedicated to specific areas of the law, meet as well.

Committee Accomplishments:

  • “Prosecutorial Ethics Education Series”: The series was initiated by the TJPC to produce and distribute presentations on key topics in prosecution. The Committee has produced three DVDs in its “Points to Consider” series: Part I: “Constitutional Discovery Responsibilities of the Prosecutor”, Part II: “Discovery Responsibilities of the Prosecutor under Rule 16” and “Ethical and Constitutional Considerations in Closing Arguments.”  These presentations have been distributed to all Tennessee District Attorneys.  TJPC has also developed additional DVDs on “Open Records” and “Privileges and Immunities.”
  • Current and Emerging Issues and Ethics Symposium: The symposium, which was attended by prosecutors, police, legislators and defense, focused on presentations and discussions relating to body worn cameras and officer-involved shootings
  • Pro Tem Request Protocol: TJPC spearheaded the effort to update and standardize Pro Tem requests and to create a statewide form. Read
  • Partnerships: In addition to these projects, TJPC has established partnerships with the Tennessee Public Safety Coalition, Tennessee Association of Chiefs of Police, and Tennessee Sheriffs Association.

“The purpose of the Justice & Professionalism Committee is to enhance the professionalism of our Conference and its members.  Our goal is to educate Tennessee prosecutors and to develop policies that promote justice and fairness in the areas of criminal law and professional responsibility.”

District Attorney General Barry Staubus, Sullivan County, Tennessee and Chair of the TJPC.For additional information, please contact Burney Durham, Deputy Director of the Tennessee District Attorneys General Conference at [email protected]