Vertical Prosecutor and Multidisciplinary Team Promote Treatment and Prosecution in Opioid Trafficking and Overdose Cases (2018)

Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office (Milwaukee, WI)

Population: 600,000 | Number of Full-Time Prosecutors: 120 | Contact Information

With assistance from an Innovative Prosecution Solutions (IPS) grant, the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office has hired an Opioid Community Prosecutor to improve opioid trafficking and death investigations and connect overdose victims with needed services. This special prosecutor works closely with the West Allis Police Department Drug Unit and the Wisconsin Department of Corrections to build cases and identify people who need treatment for addiction.

Dr. Constance Kostelac from the Medical College of Wisconsin is conducting social network analysis to enhance the team’s understanding of the opioid epidemic and the connections between distributors, victims, and bystanders. This multidisciplinary IPS funded team is also holding monthly Overdose Fatality Reviews to identify missed opportunities for overdose prevention and intervention as well as suppression of drug distribution.